"Innovative solutions company with a strong legacy in product development -

Embedded Electronics, Software Applications, IoT and Automations"

Why Alpha?

Alpha ICT is an innovative solutions and technology services company with a focus on bringing the power of digital and embedded technology to solve product engineering and business-related challenges for the customers through deep industry understanding and capability, mapping and synergizing the expertise and experience across multiple industry domains and verticals.

Our strong legacy in product design and engineering and an in-house cross functional team of tech professionals, SMEs and business analysts having hands-on expertise and experience in digital & analog electronics, software & mobile applications, IIOT and automation, has been a driving factor to successfully deliver and serve customers from varied industry sectors across North America, Europe, Africa and India.

With a well-established development center, technology partnerships and manufacturing vendor network, there is a proven capability to deliver right from concept to field, yet providing distinct value proposition through competitive and cost-effective solutions and services, optimizing our customers’ overall operational and business costs.


Create value added world class solutions focused around current and futuristic needs- converging knowledge, experience, technology and business demands.


Forging strategic partnerships with our customers, partners & suppliers to build and deliver reliable, cost effective solutions and services through value engineering, innovation and operational excellence; aiming to be a global benchmark in the world of industrial controls and automation.


  1. 01

    The inception of Alpha-ICT.
    Our company was founded this year and we kickstarted the journey towards our goal


    Our first step into the arena of providing consultancy services.
    We lent our services to a manufacturer of one of the India’s widest ranges of air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration products

  2. 03

    Garnering significant contracts from major customers.
    We signed contracts with major customers looking to develop rehabilitation support for wearable devices and analytical instrument

  3. 04

    Expanding bases.
    Added local US sales and coordination presence for better customer coordination and reaching out to new clients. We shifted base in India to a new and bigger office well equipped with upgraded design facility

  4. 05

    Designing and development.
    Established outsource product development with an Indian Conglomerate having 15 business lines, to develop common electronics design platform

  5. 06

    Expanding our horizons.
    Partnering with 125 years old and trusted Indian brand in locking-solutions for digital electronics design, development and software application services

  6. 07

    Stepping into IoT.
    Entered US market and established value-added relationship with a US based leading industrial powertrain products and solutions provider to deliver end-to-end IoT platform.


    Added multiple skills under one roof.
    With experienced hardware and firmware team, expanded capabilities in software and mobile application development to deliver services across product development lifecycle.

  7. 09

    Product Launches.
    We were successful in conducting a commercial launch of the premium Digital Door Lock aligning with client’s business goals for hospitality industry.

  8. 10

    Broadening the scope of our IoT solution services.
    We were successful in commercially deploying our IoT solutions across North America and Canada.

  9. 11

    Building capability to deliver end-to-end product needs
    We expanded in-house capability by adding mechanical designing expertise to partner with clients for delivering design, development and commercially ready products covering Embedded Electronics, Mechanical systems and assemblies, Firmware, Software and Mobile applications.


Leadership Team

Nikhil Joshi

Nikhil Joshi

Founder and President

Technology professional and serial entrepreneur with 35+ years of experience in product design & development across diverse industry sectors.

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Anand Maiskar

Anand Maiskar

VP – Business and Customer Success

Anand brings over 28 years of experience across diverse industry segments including – automotive, engineering, IT & ITES services, life

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Pravin Ekbote

Pravin Ekbote

VP – Business and Customer Success (North America)

Pravin has 25+ years of experience with more than two decades in the North American region. He has worked in offering technological

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Alpha ICT is an organization that works to achieve meaningful outcomes for its customers. The Alpha ICT team does this by mindfully core tenets we have laid out for ourselves.

By singling out, understanding deeply, and embodying each of these core principles, Alpha ICT engages with its customers at the ideation phase, and sees projects through to successful completion. By being honest upfront, and demonstrating integrity throughout the interactions, we develop a relationship based on faith and trust with our customers. Resilience and courage are principles that we bring to the table when there is a case to be made for pushing through obstacles and problems that might arise during the normal course of work.

As an independent engineering service provider, we respect and value IPR & Confidentiality of each customer. We consider all the specific work done on a project as that customer’s property and maintain confidentiality of each customer’s information as per the NDAs executed at the start of the engagement.


Academia partnerships: 

Collaboration between industry and academia is a key to realize innovation and growth in technology. While at Alpha ICT, we focus on addressing solutions for delivering our customers’ business goals, we have set-up academia partnerships to run initiatives and programs with special focus on fostering innovation and knowledge expansion, through research and imparting education to students in specialized technology areas.

These specialized academia partnerships on one hand are providing academic institutions opportunities to work on relevant technologies and challenging problems faced by industry and on the other hand are helping in building work-ready talent with specialized knowledge and training as a young tech-savvy force which can contribute its learnings in this ever-growing digitization era.

Partnering with COEP: By collaborating with Pune’s top institute, the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), our aim is to create a platform to perform research and innovation. Alpha ICT is the industry partner to COEP in it’s Post Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems for Internet of Things (PGDESIoT).

The program focuses on introducing the core concepts of IoT, its role and scope, machine intelligence quotient, and multidisciplinary engineering practices. The course covers IoT and its applications and includes theoretical and hardware and software applications. It covers topics like Smart Cities and IoT, software-defined networks, smart sensors and systems, computer forensics, and IoT-related cyber legislation issues. 

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

We are firm believers in giving back to society and have thus implemented a variety of different CSR activities and initiatives. We pay respect to our origins and stay true to our roots by regularly considering the impact of our business decisions on the people around us. 


The environment has given us resources to use since the beginning of time, and it is our duty to give back. We at Alpha ICT take concrete steps towards environment preservation and implement various initiatives for the betterment of nature.



Our endeavour is to focus on carbon footprint as we work with the customers and manufacturers to meet sustainability targets while developing and upgrading products. We bring innovative ideas and components in the design of our products to make them environment friendly and sustainable.

music and sports

Music & Sports

Beyond the engineering world, Alpha ICT aspires to promote multi-talent facets that are essential part of the society. We encourage budding talent from the field of Music and Sports, through sponsorship, special programs, and initiatives. Believing in rich Indian Cultural Heritage, we value diversity, equality, and play our part in the community to which we belong by providing suitable opportunities to grow and nurture such talent.