Air conditioning Inverter Drive

Client's Overview:

Founded in 1925, the world leader and the largest manufacturer of water heating products from North America, globally recognized for their heating, cooling and commercial refrigeration products.


The client was looking to expedite the product validation activities with the aim of faster time to market for their innovative product to be launched in the international market in large volume.

Solution & Approach:

The need was to set up the product validation activity with 90 % reliability and 90% confidence level for delivering the client’s expectations. With proven experience and expertise in such product validation, the validation process was set up to cover –

  • Black-box testing- Conduct various long run, 4-corner, Safety, EMC & Environmental tests
  • White-box testing- Understand system architecture, perform DFMEA, review critical component selection criteria, Safety factor analysis, determine MTBF
  • Field trials: Simulate site conditions & perform various tests, and study the field trials reports, suggest modifications


  • Observations and tested results were used in updating the product design
  • The validation gave the client confidence to compete with international HVAC products and at a targeted price in the desired market
  • Facilitated an improved User Interface


A batch of 70,000 products was released for production with 90% reliability and 90% confidence level.