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We at Alpha-ICT actively participate in various initiatives of importance, in addition to our work at the company. On this page, you will find the details of each of our extra curricular efforts, programs and other industry-related updates. You can also find an answer for every major question you have related to the technical solutions field.

Workshops and Training Programs

As the technology advances, the workplaces need strategies to evolve, so the teams! We like to keep our team ready to take on new challenges and have a thorough understanding of the changing landscape of the industry. Through the various technical as well as softskills trainings, continuous and ongoing seminars/ workshops and performance matrix we are successfully transforming the raw resources into the assets.
Alpha has created few platforms to explore and share technical innovations and solutions, share the success stories, that helps team gain knowledge and build individual goals strategically that are aligned to Alpha’s ultimate goal to succeed in creating the best products.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives

We are firm believers in giving back to society and have thus implemented a variety of different CSR activities and initiatives. Our goal is to pay respect to our origins and stay true to our roots by regularly considering the impact of our business decisions on the people around us. 

For the Environment

The environment has given us resources to use since the beginning of time, and it is our turn now to give back. We at Alpha-ICT take concrete steps towards environment preservation and implement various initiatives for the betterment of nature.

For the People

The world is full of people who need a helping hand. We try our best to be of service to society and take a step forward by introducing inclusive policies in the company. We value diversity, equity, and a sense of community at Alpha-ICT.

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