Fire Alarm – Control Panel

Client's Overview:

A UK-based leading and established Fire Alarm solutions provider having a wide customer base and significant market share in the UK.


The existing fire panel product was unable to interface with addressable detectors. The UI was not intuitive and was handling a limited number of detectors with no networking capability between the individual control panels.

Solution & Approach:

The need was to upgrade and enhance the functionality of the existing Fire Alarm Control Panel Solution. The upgradable hardware platform covering integrated hardware and firmware solution along with the enhanced functions and panel networking was designed and developed with an option to use loop cards, addressing the need for looping detectors that could be retrofitted and hot fixed. Ensured product compliance with the stringent EN-54 standards, required for a seamless release in the UK market.

Added Farsi language support and included compatibility with PC-based software to configure the device with ease. Also amplified the performance through integration with the third-party building management software


The upgraded Fire Alarm hardware platform provided a feature-rich control panel focusing on enhanced interaction with the users along with the display of critical information related to fire and smoke detection. Hence, the implementation of these upgrades on the product resulted into –

  • Significant increase in the system’s capacity and the ability to detection
  • Help the client achieve market leadership owing to the product’s rich features and modern intuitive UI facilitating increased convenience and safety of users


The new and improved product provided wide-reaching panel networking covering up to 200 control panels, with each panel being able to control 800 detectors.

  • Addressable Detectors Connectivity
  • Machine Connectivity
  • Networking Capability
  • Fault Prevention & Analysis
  • Computer interface through USB
  • Third-party Software Integration
  • Control board – double-sided PTH
  • Loop Cardboard – double-sided PTH
  • Schematics, BOM, Layouts & Gerbers: PADS from Mentor Graphics
  • Code in C
  • IDE: Ashling
  • Graphics Screen Design – Easy GUI