Gas Analyzer

Gas Analyzers are devices used to measure the quality of gases and have applications across a wide range of industries. These devices mainly help people monitor the gas within spaces and keep them at a reasonable range.

A gas analyzer is commonly used in the automotive sector to measure the levels of carbon monoxide and other gases in the exhaust. It also helps to detect incorrect combustion and enables users to take essential precautions to avoid contamination of gases.


A client of Alpha ICT is a Japanese-headquartered group of worldwide companies. Their companies provided a wide array of instruments and systems for various sectors like automotive R&D, process and environmental monitoring, in-vitro medical diagnostics, semiconductor manufacturing and metrology.

They also specialize in developing automotive-related products. However, they were unsuccessful in making an impact in the local South Asian markets. Since these markets are dominated by local companies and their products, we aimed to redevelop our client’s product and acclimate it more to local needs. We envisioned helping them penetrate the market and modify their device to suit the needs of local consumers.

It is essential to draft and implement multi-layered strategies to establish a brand’s presence in the market. Here is how we helped our client achieve their goal.


We at Alpha ICT are adept at delivering an all-encompassing range of services. Our team is experienced in providing solutions in the automotive sector. Product redesign is one of our main areas of expertise, as, in our years of operation, we have frequently lent our designing services to numerous clients.

We first analyzed their existing plans and strategies to solve our client’s issue with market penetration. We discovered that their product cost was significantly higher than their local competitors. Additionally, the features that their product included were catering more to the needs of a foreign market than meeting the expectations of the local users.

After making that analysis, our team was able to come up with a comprehensive set of solutions to resolve the existing product issues. This included revamping its design and adding a new set of attractive features to make it more appealing to potential customers in the local market.

Since redesigning is one of our primary services, we were able to deliver a better and more transformed product to our customers.


As we had identified the need to tweak the existing design, we replaced some components of the product through a redesign. The additional components were locally sourced to resonate with local customers. However, we retained the product’s core components to maintain the authenticity and functionality of the initial design.

We redesigned all the electronics featured in the product and included features to interest the local users. It included a USB flash drive interface and a mobile Android app that acted as an extended UI when connected with a Wi-Fi Connection. 

With our exhaustive services, we were able to help the client –

  • Maintain product relevance in the market
  • Establish and solidify a position in the market
  • Redesign their existing product and increase its functionality
  • Deliver a high-quality end product that resonated with the local customers

This automotive gas analyzer can efficiently read CO, NO, O2 and HC gas concentrations, and has a graphics LCD interface.


This project was one of our most successful ones, especially because we delivered a user-friendly application compatible with smartphones. We also utilized our IoT technology to enhance the application’s convenience for users. With our hardware, firmware and software solutions, our team was able to ensure that the end product aligned with our client’s vision.

  • Automotive Gas Analyzer
  • IoT
  • Mobile Applications
  • Automotive Gas Analyser that can read CO, NO,O2, HC gas concentrations
  • PIC32 series microcontroller
  • 5.7” Graphics LCD interface
  • Inbuilt RPM counter taking signals directly from vehicle battery
  • On-board USB, WiFi, RS232 printer, USB flash drive connectivity
  • C for ARM controller code
  • Native Android (Android Phone) for Smart Phone Apps