Halloween Mobile App

Halloween is an exciting time for people with themed parties and costumes. Many places and offices have also started hosting Halloween costume parties and are encouraging people to dress up. However, a lot of people use their costumes for this one occasion and later it is shelved into a rack where it lies unused.

People also tend to avoid re-wearing their yesteryear costumes to keep up with the current trends and themes of pop culture. It causes a significant strain on people’s financial resources, wastes space and a lot of fabric.


We decided to find a solution for this issue that many people were facing. Our target customer was anyone who had spent a lot of money on costumes every single year and for every single member of the family during Halloween celebrations. We were also targeting people who were open to using once-used costumes in order to get a variety of costumes at an affordable price every year.

Our goal was to give people a platform from which they could exchange or swap their old costumes with other users, or directly sell the costumes that they wanted to get their hands off. This would facilitate correct usage of perfectly good costumes that people have outgrown, or are outdated and do not keep up with the current trends.

With the help of our team of software experts, we decided to develop an application that would provide its users a variety of features and options to trade Halloween costumes.


The team at Alpha ICT firstly listed all the features that could be included in the potential application. These features were the basic necessities required for the app to function properly, and would also draw the audience towards the application.

We recognised the need to enable users to upload pictures of the costume, add a suitable description and include an option to choose between cash or a swap area to sell their costume. We also enabled a location feature which would help users locate nearby costumes and show them other customers searching for the same.

According to our team, the app would perform its best in the market if it provided an intuitive yet simple platform and effortlessly created a sense of sharing, community and conservation.


With the help of our capable team, we were able to recognize the need to develop such a mobile app that helps users buy, sell or exchange Halloween costumes and accessories. One of our primary goals was to make the application user-friendly and extremely convenient. Therefore, we categorized the costumes according to age in order to help users find the right costumes more easily.

We also wanted to target location-specific users to give them a list of costumes in their area, thus making the app more personalised. To achieve that, we used map services to help users find the location of their interested costumes or one that is nearby.

Every shopping app provides customized notifications and services. This is something we wanted to provide to our customers. Therefore, we used cloud messaging, SMS and email services to communicate with users at appropriate stages.

Since safety and security of us and our users is one of our top priorities, we also developed a web-based Admin Panel to monitor the activities of users in the app to prevent any misuse from the users.

By implementing the above solutions efficiently, we were able to achieve an appealing, user-friendly app, as per our vision. We also achieved –

  • A secured mobile app that acted as a mediator between two users by providing them a platform to sell and exchange old costumes
  • App with location-based results and searches
  • Enabling users to get in touch with people in their surroundings who were also interested in the same
  • Backend admin panel to provide consolidated information, statistics of apps and monitor misuse
  • Tested, verified and reliable solution


This project was a novel concept for an application. However, since our team is significantly experienced at designing web applications, we utilized our software services to provide a modern and wholesome experience to all users looking for new Halloween costumes or trying to sell their old ones.

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