IIoT: End-To-End Solution

Client's Overview:

A global leader in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial powertrain solutions, power transmission solutions, air moving products, electric motors, electronic controls and specialty electronics.


Client’s multiple products deployed for divers industrial and commercial applications required remote monitoring solutions for health monitoring, control and data driven analytics to achieve numerous business goals.

Solution and Approach:

A customizable and modular IIoT platform was conceptualized jointly with the client’s stakeholders and business teams to deliver end-to-end solution covering –

  • Identification, selection, customized design & development and integration of multiple sensors – Torque sensors, Load sensors, Temperature sensors, Vibration sensors, Air temperature sensors, Liquid line temperature sensors, Motor sensors (Sensing speed, Voltage, Current, Power, Motor temperature), Door sensor, Ice sensor etc.
  • Design and development of smart devices
  • Design and development of smart gateways for acquiring data from smart devices and communicating to cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud infrastructure configuration and management
  • Mobile app development
  • User/ roles-based visualizations and analytics platform development
  • Building algorithms for providing data driven insights


The end-to-end IIoT platform was customized and implemented for diverse industrial applications including –
  • Monitoring and control of motors deployed in the smart refrigeration cabinets used in super stores
  • Monitoring and control of gearbox used for wastewater treatment plants
  • Monitoring of bearings used at various industrial sites.
  • Monitoring of temperature and vibration for conveyors used at various industrial sites.


The end-to-end IIoT platform has been deployed on the field for diverse industrial applications and based on data generated for these applications, appropriate data-driven analytics and insights have been built providing –

  • Predictive insights – for service and fault preemption
  • Analytical insights – for operation and design feedback
  • Control insights – identifying means and needs for control
  • Business insights – aligning with the business goals such as energy & cost savings
  • BLDC Motor Control
  • Active PFC 
  • Power Electronics 
  • Altium
  • Nordic Chips
  • BLE
  • Embedded C
  • OTA
  • Boot loader
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • NET Framework 4.6, Dot NET Core 3.1
  • HTML, CSS, Angular
  • C sharp 6.0, JavaScript-JQuery
  • SQL server
  • Azure (Functions, Blob)
    • Android, iOS and Xamarin (Hybrid)
    • MVVM and MVC
    • Java, Kotlin, Objective C, Swift 5.0
    SQLITE, Core data, Room Database
    • Android Studio, Xcode , Visual studio
    • BLE, NFC
    • QR Code scanner, Google map, Graph and charts library, Payment Gateway
    • Token Based Authentication, SSL Pinning, Proguard