Intelligent Traffic Controller

Client's Overview:

Leading Intelligent Transport System (ITS) provider based in South Africa, serving the African markets and offering end-to-end traffic management solutions to their customers.


The existing traffic solution was ineffective in intersections as it could not manage large areas and was not accessible remotely or through wireless mediums.  

Its inability to perform such smart tasks made the solution ineffective in controlling or managing traffic. Therefore, our client was looking to develop a traffic controller that included interfaces, memories and capabilities that make it work in an actuated, remote, and standalone environment. 

Solution & Approach:

The need was to design and develop an intelligent and more efficient traffic control system to replace the client’s existing controller.  

To align and deliver the client’s requirements, the existing controller was studied and specific areas of improvement integrating multiple technologies for enabling smart functions were identified and designed, including:

  • Expandable interfaces to phases and detectors
  • Fully functional and automated wireless system for configuration updates and remote monitoring
  • Adequate reserve of onboard memory to store its configurations and logs
  • Design considerations to withstand harsh environmental conditions and optimal product functioning despite the electrical conditions going to owing to outdoor deployments
  • Intuitive Android/ iOS app to facilitate manual/police panel, diagnostics and configuration download.
  • Set up an onboard GPS module to synchronize with other controllers and create Green Waves, along with the feature to respond to emergency calls.
  • Enabled an interface to the central control station that could provide updated data and enable remote control of the junction.
  • We primarily made use of our redesigning services for this project. The product was SABS-approved supporting an extended temperature range. The end product that we designed had a wide range of advanced inclusions like USB, Wi-Fi, GPS, GPRS and RS485 and RS232 connectivity. Using these advanced technologies, we were able to deliver a product that aligned with our client’s requirements.


On employing these new modifications and successfully designing a functional intelligent traffic controller, we were able to deliver to our client the following results –

  • New market demand for intelligent traffic control
  • Interconnected and efficient control systems
  • Complete product ownership to our clients
  • The ability for remote monitoring and controlling of traffic signals
  • A user-friendly mobile application
  • Real-time configuration and simulation

We designed a completely functional and efficient traffic controller with the help of our core hardware and software services.


The intelligent traffic solution is deployed on the field and controlling over 1000 intersections. and software services.
  • Vehicle Actuated Traffic Controller
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Traffic Signals
  • Mobile Applications
  • PC based real time configuration and simulation
  • A complete traffic controller rack hardware design having up to 12 3U and 9 6U cards
  • CPU card having two 32bit ARM controllers
  • SABS approved hardware supporting extended temperature range
  • On-board USB, WiFi, GPS, GPRS, RS485 and RS232 connectivity
  • C for ARM Controller code
  • Winforms, C# and SQL server for configurator and simulator software
  • Native Android (Android Phone) and Swift 3.0 (iPhone) for Smart phone apps