Poll Gateway

The internet is a widespread phenomenon globally. People use online methods for multiple tasks like booking tickets, voting and conducting payments. These gateways are secure platforms from which users can perform digital transactions. Many companies, colleges, vendors and commercial places use such platforms to facilitate transactions.

At Alpha ICT, one of the main areas we specialize in is software solutions. It includes helping our clients bring their visions for software products into reality. With the help of our capable team, we aim to headline innovation and integrate technology into our client’s products to increase their relevance in the market.


One such client of ours is a software products company in India. They wanted to develop such a gateway for conducting polls. Since these gateways enable smooth transactions, they are similarly used to cast votes digitally.

The company currently uses traditional ballot systems that are considerably more prone to error. It also requires more time and effort compared to a digital poll or ballot. Additionally, their current solution was also not working effectively as there was a lack of specialized workflow to oversee the seamless execution of the platform.

For any type of transference to occur on such a platform, it requires a secure network. However, the client’s current solution was a highly unsecured bridge which caused the adaptation of the electronic gateway to remain sluggish and prone to the consistent issue.

Due to these issues, the client and their team were finding it extremely challenging to ensure that their product runs smoothly. They required a secure and well-developed platform that could facilitate online elections and online polls.

Here is how we resolved the client’s issue.


Since we were acting as the technology partners for the client, our topmost priority was to set up a team of skilled designers and developers to cater to the client’s needs. Our software experts at Alpha ICT immediately assessed the scope of the client’s current product. They conducted a thorough analysis to understand its overall upsides and limitations to conduct modifications accordingly. Since such a product was a novel concept, we also carried out an in-depth market analysis regarding the product’s future in the market.

Before making any changes to the existing design, we also analyzed the feasibility of such a product in the market by targeting potential users and its demand among consumers.

Our team studied every aspect of the client’s product in detail, assessed its potential requirements and made a cohesive effort by brainstorming ideas for updates, new designs and workflow strategies.


With our end-to-end software solutions that prioritize innovation, we developed a software platform to be taken to the market for online elections and opinion polls. With this getaway, the client could optimally conduct polling sessions easily.

To develop this product, we utilized our services of architecture design. Our team evaluated and created a proof of concept for external APIs. It included authentication based on the user’s AADHAR NUMBER and biometrics like fingerprints. We also developed a secure web-based application by using several algorithms for encryptions and tokens.

After successfully focusing on platform development and creating a secure web application, we were able to achieve the following things –

  • Secure and well-developed platform
  • Web-based software product to handle end-to-end online election process and opinion polls
  • Successful testing of the product in a live scenario
  • A comprehensive solution according to the client’s requirement
  • Use software as a service model
  • Create an efficient and enhanced alternative to the conventional system


For this client, we successfully developed a Poll Gateway with the help of our skilled team of designers and developers. The gateway was developed to replace the traditional, error-prone ballot system. We made use of our software services and utilized enhanced technologies like a layered architecture using WCF services, Selenium for automated testing and Amazon cloud hosting. We also utilized Javascript, JQuery and Ajax to build a suitable product for our client.