Spectroscopes are products used by many different fields and have multiple commercial and industrial products. However, there has been infrequent and little development in the different models of a spectroscope. As all other essential industrial appliances have undergone significant technological advancements, the spectroscope still needs to be developed.


One of our clients is a USA-based manufacturer of volume diffractive elements for use in commercial and industrial product lines. The client is experienced in developing spectroscopy systems that extend the bandwidth of a particular type of traditional spectroscope beyond the normal range.

However, their existing spectroscope had a known workflow issue. The software required to operate the device was outdated and also lacked several important features. Since the technology used was dated, the device’s interface also lacked the required finesse and was unattractive to operate.

At Alpha ICT, we help institutes and companies deal with research and design apparatus that can speed up research methodologies. Scientific research is another area of services we specialize in. With the help of our experienced team of designers and engineers, we successfully helped our client develop a high-quality and functioning apparatus that is user-friendly.


The first step while providing any solution to our clients is reviewing their existing products and analysing their shortcomings. We examine the products to detect problem areas in them. We then systematically resolve the problems so that we can offer an integrated and wholesome solution to our clients.

Our team conducted a thorough market analysis to check the feasibility and requirement of this product in the market. The potential demand of such a spectrometer plays a vital role in determining what features we should include in the updated model and design. We also recognised the need to add elements of User Experience (UX) to make the product more efficient to operate.


Our primary job for this project was to act as a complete solution provider for the client. Therefore, our team approached the issue to seek a complete resolution. We studied the requirements of our clients and potential customers in detail and created documents regarding the same. We developed easy to use software enhancements on the product that elevated the functionality of the original product.

As the device is a highly-technical product, it required additional in-depth research regarding its functions and applications. Our team also studied domain-specific information rigorously to acquire the mathematical expertise needed to implement client requirements. We also suggested screen layout enhancements for a better User Experience.

By implementing these strategies, we successfully designed the client’s current product. We turned the device into something that would find better market acceptance.


Since the project was for scientific research equipment, it was highly technical. We had to focus on creating a better experience for the users by enhancing the product functionality. We successfully achieved this by using desktop application development and our software services.

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