1. 01

    The inception of Alpha-ICT.
    Our company was founded this year and we kickstarted the journey towards our goal


    Our first step into the arena of providing consultancy services.
    We lent our services to a manufacturer of one of the India’s widest range of air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration products

  2. 03

    Garnering significant contracts from major customers.
    We signed contracts with two major customer companies working to develop rehabilitation support wearable device and analytical instrument

  3. 04

    New beginnings.
    We shifted base to a new office location equipped with a better and upgraded design facility

  4. 05

    Designing and development.
    We worked for an India-headquartered group of companies with 15 business lines, to develop common electronics design platform

  5. 06

    Expanding our horizons.
    We collaborated with a trusted Indian locking-solutions brand and lent them our design services

  6. 07

    Stepping into IoT.
    We provided IoT platform development for a US-based company who is a leading motor manufacturer


    Shifting Quarters.
    We believe in bringing about change, so we relocated yet again to a different office location

  7. 09

    Product Launches.
    We were successful in conducting a commercial launch of the premium digital door lock

  8. 10

    We also oversaw the successful commercial launch of electronic access control system


    Broadening the scope of our IoT solution services.
    We were successful in commercially deploying our IoT solutions abroad, in countries like North America and Canada