Halloween Mobile App

Halloween is an exciting time for people with themed parties and costumes. Many places and offices have also started hosting Halloween costume parties and are encouraging people to dress up. However, a lot of people use their costumes for this one occasion and later it is shelved into a rack where it lies unused. People […]

Poll Gateway

The internet is a widespread phenomenon globally. People use online methods for multiple tasks like booking tickets, voting and conducting payments. These gateways are secure platforms from which users can perform digital transactions. Many companies, colleges, vendors and commercial places use such platforms to facilitate transactions. At Alpha ICT, one of the main areas we […]


Spectroscopes are products used by many different fields and have multiple commercial and industrial products. However, there has been infrequent and little development in the different models of a spectroscope. As all other essential industrial appliances have undergone significant technological advancements, the spectroscope still needs to be developed. Overview One of our clients is a […]

Vehicle Counter and Classifier

Automation in the traffic control and automobile sector is essential to keep the count of all vehicles and monitor real-time traffic flow. For this, many international companies have developed traffic counter devices that count, classify and measure the speed of vehicles passing by. A vehicle classifier is another popular product that identifies different types of […]

Smart Meter

Smart meters are used widely to measure electricity consumption, voltage levels, current accurately, and also to monitor its usage. Compared to the traditional analogue meters, a smart meter is more accurate, has a reduced margin for errors and displays all relevant information to the consumer. A smart meter also paves the way for easy bill […]

Refrigerator Controller

The refrigeration and cooling industry has grown tremendously over the years. Earlier, refrigerators were standard units primarily used to keep products at a lower temperature to preserve them for a longer time. However, a lot of improvement has been made in that arena with the advancement of technology. Many international brands have used the advanced […]

Gas Analyser

Gas Analysers are devices used to measure the quality of gases and have applications across a wide range of industries. These devices mainly help people monitor the gas within spaces and keep them at a reasonable range. A gas analyser is commonly used in the automotive sector to measure the levels of carbon monoxide and […]

Forklift Digital Cluster

Overview In recent years, vehicles and technologies in them have evolved drastically to increase convenience for the users and operators. One of the most key upgrades in automobiles is the inclusion of electronic instrument clusters. The traditional analog ones used in vehicles show estimated readings and were more prone to displaying errored readings. However, digital […]


Safety is of the utmost importance to all people everywhere. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, it is essential that you feel unworried and relaxed. As people are increasingly becoming aware of their surroundings and belongings, there has been a rise in the demand for safety services and solutions. The most basic and effective way […]

BLDC Motor Drive (Inverter)

Air Conditioners or some types of cooling systems have become an integral part of most households globally. With the climate fluctuating every few days, there has been a drastic increase in the popularity of heating and cooling systems. This trend is popular domestically, as well as commercially. When people buy such cooling appliances to increase […]